Dec 1st, 2022

Fastest Growing Commercial Real Estate Developers-Iraq 2022

Empire world is considered the largest project in the field of development, it attracts the emphasis of KRGs as well due to the inclusion of residential units which contains Villas and apartments with modern designs, luxury hotel, and entertainment places such as; restaurants, cafes, gyms and massive green areas that are environmentally friendly.

Wherefore, Empire world was proudly worthy to earn a great international award of "Fastest Growing Commercial Real Estate Developers - Iraq" which recognizes excellence in residential and commercial real estate in rising markets. It is also worth noting that the international Finance Real Estate Awards recognize those who strive to provide a relentlessly engaging and valuable experience for customers. In addition, the winning of this award is great honor to the region and to Iraq as a whole.

Nevertheless, Empire world project includes a surfeit of turnkey office space, which offers good spaces for business and economics. All in one sprawling complex.


Empire world project started in 2006, offering the best and highest quality of engineering staff and materials. In 2017, Empire World project was completed and opened the doors for its residents to reside and acquire the most luxurious housing in the city. 

To gain continuous success, Empire World improvement represents a $2.3 billion funding with inside the high-monetary boom self-sustaining Kurdistan location in northern Iraq. Therefore, Empire World project earned a high-ranking name among the global business projects. 

In addition, this project was worth earning the award of "Fastest Growing Commercial Real Estate Developers - Iraq" from the international finance awards, number five globally. In general, this award recognizes excellence in the Residential and Commercial property space in emerging markets.

The Empire World mission become capable of acquiring noteworthy successes within side the capital of Kurdistan, the city of Erbil, in northern Iraq, wherein architectural and industrial creativity resides. This became a critical success for development projects like Empire World to fit all the pioneering projects in the city of Erbil and Kurdistan as a whole. 

The outlook of the city of Erbil appears brighter due to the rapid growth and improved investment. Where it has emerged as an area that embraces many investors. Everyone is now searching for an opportunity to invest in this city. This heralds a brighter and more economical future. 

There are numerous investments in the Kurdistan region in terms of infrastructure, energy, roads, etc. This made Kurdistan an introduction to investment in Iraq. 

The Empire World project aspired at every phase of its construction phases to be suitable for market demands, such as the huge deficit in the housing market. In addition to that, the location of the Empire World project is considered a special location, as it is located near the international airport and also near one of the largest parks in the city of Erbil. 

Therefore, it can be said that the Empire World project included everything that an individual needs from residential terms and entertainment. All this is in addition to the project's containment of wonderful housing units that are considered the best place to live in, as well as the offices complex that offers a perfect environment for business and development. 

Moreover, what makes Empire World Project one of the best and largest projects in Iraq is:

  • The project contains areas for business, residency, hotel, Etc. 
  • The massive land area of 750,000 square meters (185 acres).
  • The budget of the project was $2.3 billion, which heralds a bright future for this project.
  • The inclusion of 88 Towers and 300 villas.
  • The inclusion of the Marriott luxury hotel complex.
  • The inclusion of value-added facilities such as a mosque and a medical clinic, GYM, Shops, and restaurants.

It is worth noting that 70% of the Empire World project has been sold. Empire World was a unique mission large-scale undertaken in Iraq. Despite this, the Empire World project continues to provide the best in terms of development.

The quality and design of the entire complex are good enough to gain the attraction of foreign companies who want their offices to be located in a better place offering a better environment. as well as the residency. and also Empire World project is always offering suitable places for many of the new start-ups in the Kurdistan region.

There is a Part of the Empire world project that supports and helps to increase the number of employees in the region. In general, there are more than 1000 foreign and local employees working and developing in the Empire world project. That is considered to be a good sign of the development of the city and developing Kurdistan region as a whole. 

Mr. Peshraw Agha (The chairman of Empire World project) noted that the main project sections such as the royal city; it is a complex that includes 300 royal villas, is sold out even before 2010 while the project where just started in 2006. Real estate values in Royal City have tripled more than their original value. This interesting and strong indicator reflects the strong market in development. 

Empire world project consists of many projects, which made it worth the success, these projects are:

    • Empire Square (Residential & Commercial)
    • Empire Wings (West & East)
    • Empire Diamond (West & East)
    • Empire Business Complex
    • Empire Business Towers
    • Royal Villa
    • Royal apartments
    • JW Marriott
    • Empire Luxury Restaurants 

These projects were made in a modern way, with high-quality materials that gave value to the whole project. 

Last but not least, we are proud to say that Empire world project is worthy of earning the award of “Fastest Growing Commercial Real Estate Developers - Iraq 2022” from international finance. As long as the Empire World project was efficient in developing the area in which it is located, and was able to hire and develop many employees.