Jun 14th, 2023

Most Innovative Use of SAP-ERP Technology in AIS - Iraq 2023

Empire World | Most Innovative Use of SAP-ERP Technology in AIS – Iraq 2023 

Empire World is considered the largest project in the field of real-estate development, it attracts the emphasis of KRGs as well due to the inclusion of residential units which contains Villas and apartments with modern designs, luxury hotel and entertainment places such as; restaurants, cafes, gyms and massive green areas that are environmentally friendly.

Therefore, it can be said that the Empire World project included everything that an individual needs from residential terms and entertainment. All this is in addition to the project's containment of wonderful housing units that are considered the best place to live in, as well as the offices complex that offers a perfect environment for business and development. 

Since it has been established in 2006, this distinguished Project in Iraq is one of the best and largest projects in the country. With a vast land area of 750,000 square meters and a budget of $2.3 billion, it promises a bright future. The project features 88 Towers, 300 villas and the renowned JW Marriott Hotel. Additionally, it offers value-added facilities like a mosque, medical clinic, gym, shops, and restaurants.

Since 2019, Empire World has successfully achieved full digital transforming by shifting its Accounting Information System (AIS) to ERP-SAP along with full comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), which led to a significant advanced level of the effectiveness and efficiency in its operations.

Throughout each stage, our team - led by the Group chief financial officer, Dr. Samer H. Alssabagh -, was unwavering in their commitment to ensuring the project's success. The culmination of this extensive effort is a testament to our meticulous planning, seamless execution and relentless pursuit of excellence. Our unwavering dedication to doing things right has paved the way for us to reap the manifold benefits of enhanced effectiveness and efficiency, setting a benchmark for future endeavors in the realm of SAP-ERP technology. 

In our pursuit of achieving the utmost effectiveness and efficiency, we dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to bring our SAP-ERP project to fruition. The journey encompassed a meticulous process spanning 6,900 hours, for about one year. This comprehensive undertaking comprised several pivotal phases, namely project preparation, blueprint, realization, final preparation (encompassing critical elements such as data migration, reporting systems, authorization matrix, and comprehensive SAP user training) and culminated in the Go-live then support phase.

Through our visionary approach and strategic implementation of SAP-ERP technology, we have revolutionized the way businesses in Iraq manage financial operations. Our innovative use of this cutting-edge technology has streamlined processes, increased efficiency and improved decision-making capabilities, ultimately driving economic growth and development in the country.

This certification reinforces our position as a pioneer in leveraging SAP-ERP technology to transform the landscape of the accounting information system in Iraq. We are dedicated to further contributing to the country's progress by continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the field.

In 2021, Empire World has gained ISO9001certificate for its Management Information System (MIS), which re-identified the company in an excellence level in the real-estate development in the Iraqi market.

Accordingly, Empire World was proudly worthy to earn a great international award of “Most Innovative Use of SAP-ERP Technology in AIS – Iraq 2023", which highlights the exceptional and creative application of SAP-ERP technology within the context of the accounting information system in Iraq in the year 2023. It signifies the recognition of the project's or organization's ability to leverage SAP-ERP technology in a unique and inventive manner to enhance accounting and information management processes.

Last but not least, we are proud to say that Empire World project is worthy of earning this award from International Finance. As long as the Empire World project was efficient in developing the area in which it is located and was able to hire and develop many employees.