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    Empire Speed Center2007

    Located in the northwest part of the Project, the Speed Center has been designed and engineered according to world-class go-kart racing standards and is the first entertainment facility of its kind in Iraq. A 2 kilometer track, coupled with a wide range of multi-speed Rotax race cars, meets the needs of both amateurs and professionals alike.

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    Royal City Villas2007-2009

    The cornerstone of Royal City Villa Complex is laid down. 300 villas are located in the southeast part of the Project offering a unique lifestyle to those who desire exquisite designs, comfort and luxury. All 300 villas have been sold and are occupied.

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    Royal City Apartments2009-2012

    Royal City shines even brighter targeting the construction of 32 residential buildings at different heights (from 10 to 13 floors) with a total of 804 apartments. Modern European designs include swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and gardens. All finished apartments have been sold and are occupied.

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    Empire Business Towers2010-2012

    n the heart of the Empire World Project, the Empire Business Towers are comprised of 5 towers, with the main tower surrounded by 4 others in a circular shape. The main tower stands at a height of 127m and is the tallest building in Iraq. Offering vast office spaces and comfort for security and business, as well as over 400 underground parking spaces, the Towers are scheduled to go on the market at the end of 2012.

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    Empire Business Complex2010-2012

    Consisting of 6 uniformly designed buildings, each 6 floors high, the Complex offers state-of-the-art secure commercial office space and is located on both sides of the Main Gate at the north entrance of the Project. Three of the buildings are occupied by some of the largest international companies in the world as well as the head office of Empire World.

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    Empire World Project2012-2015

    Marriott Hotel and Executive Apartments.
    Empire Business Towers.
    Empire Business Complex.
    Empire Speed Center.
    Service Facilities (Medical Clinic, Fire Station, Kindergarten, Mosque).
    Empire Residential Wings.
    Empire Residential Diamond Towers.
    Empire Residential Pearl Towers.


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